Deep-Sea Metafiction

I was looking through lit journal submission openings, trying to find a home for a different piece (which is still sleeping in doorways at the moment) when I came across Riddled With Arrows and saw that they were looking for stories that were also metafictions.

It was then that I recalled “Deep-Sea Metafiction,” a story I wrote in college. Most of what I wrote back then was crap, but I remembered being proud of that piece. I even read it aloud for my senior reading. After graduating I submitted it to several journals but was met with rejection emails every time.

Looking back at it I can see why. There was still a lot of work to be done. It is amazing what I was willing to call a finished product back then. Long paragraphs of untagged dialogue between two poorly-described men. And my gods, the puns.

Despite its flaws, I still felt like the piece had some value. I just had to rework it a bit. A few new details, a little less dialogue, and a real ending. I can’t believe I never noticed that my “first draft” didn’t have a real ending.

My edits must have worked because RWA has published Dr. Garbanzo Writes the First Draft, and looking at the stories and poems it is nestled in between, I can tell that it has found its niche’.


Riddled With Arrows pays their contributors but needs donations from readers to stay in business. Look for the Donate button on their page.

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